68 Inspirational Promises of God for This Generation

Does it seem impossible for you to apply the instructions you hear from your favorite Bible teaches to the rest of your week? Your struggle is over. “68 Inspirational Promises of God for This Generation” the first in the series of Impacting the World through the WORD is full of biblical concepts that will empower you to put into practice the anointed teachings from your Bible studies to every day of your life.


Why 68 Promises and 7 areas?

I am glad you asked!
The number 6 biblically represents man, 8 represents a new beginning, and 7 represents completion.

It is the desire of the author that by the time the reader finishes the book they will realize that there is hope for this generation. And will be empowered to build on their new beginning, excited to continue their spiritual journey in Christ.

His PurPose for Your life
1. You Have a Purpose in the Body of Christ
2. Follow His Plan
3. Eternal Life a Gift from God

His resourCe for Your everY need
11. He Created It All
12. Your Three Greatest Teammates: Faith, God, & His Word
13. Help Is Available

His sTraTegies for Your enemies
21. Stay Away from Evil Company
22. Combat Evil with Good
23. Yield to God, Resist the Enemy

His adviCe for Your finanCes
27. God Is Your Financial Planner
28. You Are Already Rich
29. What’s the Address of Your Investment

His PeaCe for Your Perils
33. Moving through Valley Days
34. Seek First His Kingdom
35. Ponder Today Only

His blessings for Your obedienCe
46. Love Each Other?
47. Speak Wisely and Kindly
48. Love Is Not

final THougHTs for Your eTernal desTinY
63. God Loves You So Much
64. Trust in Him, Not You
67. What Have You Learned?
68. The Crown of Life Can Be Yours



I Love this Book
“A comfort to my heart and soul. I’m so glad I purchased the paperback version so I can actually write my thoughts in it.”

“I love this book. I have always used devotional journals, but this one is a bit different. It helps me in times of need and reminds me who I am to God. I will go back to this book time and time again when I need encouragement and it will remind me through my entries how it helped me in troubled times. I will also rewrite entries on sticky notes to follow how I grow in Christ in the future. I would recommend this for anyone seeking comfort and strength from our deliverer, Jesus.”

Judith Blevins

An Unpretentious, Informative and Impactful Read
“In contrast to a chaotic, complex, and often shallow sound-bite world, H.R. Rogers reflects upon 68 biblical promises that have stood the test of time. Applying biblical Truth to the shifting sands of social mores, personal dilemmas and rapid-fire challenges of everyday life is NOT the “smoke, mirrors, flash and sizzle” of cyber-age advertising and trendy self-help fads. It is divinely inspired guidance rooted in the Truth, logic and natural laws that underpin social cohesion, spiritual maturity, character development, individual liberty and productive life pursuits. As Rogers repeatedly points out, these basic principles are as relevant today as when they were penned thousands of years ago.”

“An excellent refresher for the believer seeking a basic spiritual reset, and an easy-to-read resource for the serious searcher just beginning their spiritual journey. Useful for personal reference or as a thoughtful gift.”

Amazon Customer

A Blessing and Inspiration!
“Author H.R. Rogers takes God’s Word and inspires us in today’s world – with today’s happenings and culture – and blesses us with reminders of His promises! It’s so easy to feel the need to “be extra proper” when we ponder the Word. To say “thee” and “thou,” if you will. H.R. Rogers has a way of speaking God’s Promises and applying them to us as we REALLY are, wherever we are, whatever our season of life. The author has a way of speaking the way we speak, thinking the way we think. This talent then leads the readers to UNDERSTAND, and FEEL, and BELIEVE the mighty Promises of God.”

I Love to Read

“This is a fascinating and beautifully constructed book!”

Sibyl Miller

Retired Executive Director YWCA of Hamilton

“Impacting the World through the WORD is helping me to reach a higher level in my Christianity. This book provides a magnificent soul journey that will bless many.”

Richard Sunberg

Retired Senior Scientist, Writer, and Bible Study Leader

“I bought this book for my Sisters”

Susan Blake

Dental Assistant

“WOW! I can see you put your heart and soul into this book. Amazing.”

Mike Fitzstephens

Retired General Electric Aircraft Engines

“You will be grounded on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental level. These 68 Promises bring smart and inspiring instructions to all who are willing to read, see and hear with an open heart.”

Paula Goodnight

“I bought this book for my granddaughters.”

Ida Hurt

Retired Office Administrator

“These truths will guide readers into applying God’s word to their daily lives. Wonderful examples are included throughout the 68 Inspirational Promises that, if applied will enrich your walk with the Lord.”

Joe Kovarik

Author with Reflecting Light Ministry, LLC.




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