Global Opportunities —My Space of Employment 2nd Edition

With employment availability on the decline, skyrocketing stress levels a way of life and anxiety on the launching pad, help is closer than you thought.


You’ll Discover—

Preparing for the Journey—starts with releasing the pause button in our mind, by changing how we view moving from our current state to being actively employed.

Communication Skills and First Impressions—one must understand the percentages of our “ATA” attitude = 58% of your presentation, tone= 4% of your verbal expressions and appearance = 38% of your attire and hygiene.

Eight Types and Three Methods of Interviewing—having knowledge of the types of interviews and not the methods are equivalent to-“having an electric snow blower without a cord with five of snow in your driveway.”

Investing to Know and Grow 101—do you know how traditional financial institutions make their money? Or why “systematic” investing is one of the important keys to the investing process. Do you know the role of mutual funds in the scheme of investing?

Dining with Confidence—as technology changes so do the experience of dining. Food is now the focal point for various activities in and out of the professional arena. Following that trend of thought; food is also served at different times and heading throughout the day. Let’s get started by looking at some of the dining times, the meals served and some of the blunders made without realizing how they affect your personal and professional life.


“I love this book about global opportunities in employment. It makes a good graduation gift for our young adults.”

S. H. Miller

Social Justice Advocate

“Global Opportunities— is a great book that captures the essentials of everyday life which are missed by so many.”

David C. Wespiser

Managing Member —Hotel Development Services, Oxford, Ohio

“This book is on target, very informative and a must have for today’s youth and adults alike.”

Robert Hart, Founder

Creating Gems, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Thanks for sharing your teaching and testimonies with me and others. They are useful tools in our business and family life.”

Cynthia Glenn

Customer Service—Sears Roebuck, Louisville, Kentucky

“When I think of people who have made my path in life pleasant, you come to mind. Thank you, Helen, for the light of Jesus Christ that shines from you as you share with others.”

Judy Starr

Manufacturing Services— Schneider Electric, Oxford, Ohio

“A great book and should be in the Library of every home, and the principles taught in business at all levels.”

Hermetta L. Williams

Retired Director—State Minority Business Programs, Madison, Wisconsin

“Your ‘Dining with Confidence’ presentation was excellent, very professional and knowledgeable best of luck in your mission to make the world more civilized.”

Barbara J. Smith

Laboratory Coordinator, Dietetics Department, Miami University

“I learned not to be afraid to negotiate a salary, and it’s not just the dollars.”

Student Response

Buck Rodgers Business Leadership Program, Miami University

“I am so proud of you! God is definitely using you.”

Joyce Coleman

Human Resources VP, Chicago Transit Authority

“Since 1991 Helen Rogers has conducted etiquette seminars for the Summer Leadership Institute, with a touch of well-timed humor, have helped hundreds of students to grasp the decorum of fine dining.”

Bob Hart

Multicultural Leadership Program, Miami University, Miami University

“For the past four years, Helen’s engaging style of teaching the students professional dining has been one of our favorite programs.”

Kim Ernsting

Career and Internship Services, Miami University




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