Inspirations from the Heart—Feeding My Inner Me

John Maxwell once said, “Champions don’t become champions in the ring ̶ they are merely recognized there”. Faced with the challenges of life, we are viewed as coping with our situations after we conquer them.


Inspirations from the Heart is filled with tools to equip you to rise above every situation that comes, whether it is spiritual or natural.

As you leisurely walk through the pages of this book and search the related scriptures; the innumerable mountains in life will be removed stone by stone.


This book will address our inner hurts, how to receive peace in our storms, the importance, and results of praying for ourselves and others.

The words from God written in this book give in-depth importance of planting the right thoughts in the garden of our mind.


Recognizing the power of the mind, planting and cultivating Christ-like thoughts are the only hope we have for survival. Find out how in the pages of Inspirations from the Heart.

Read about the author’s experiences of God’s grace and mercies in her life, including how God gave them a safe landing on the airplane with engine trouble.


The word “love” is sometimes expressed with very little meaning giving the hearer a false sense of affection. Find out how seven steps of love from the heart of God, revealed through Jesus expresses the true connotation of love.

The only true motivation force that will last comes from the heart of God as we express a desire to accept the challenge to change the situations facing us.


“Helen has prayed for Divine guidance, that she may bless her inner spirit as well as others. The inspirations in this book will bring spiritual blessings to those who read it.”

Doris Rogers-Franklin

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