With myriads of changes taking place in the workforce, the importance of keeping your “professional etiquette and life skills” polished has reached a new pinnacle. We offer a variaty of the workshop to prepare you for your next move in the global market or your spiritual life.


The Art of Networking

Some of the areas covered include identifying the importance of networking and how to make the contact, and get the contract while maintaining self- confidence.

Keys to Interviewing and Salary Negotiations

We will share the importance of doing your homework, timing of the interview, selective negotiating and asking “we-win” questions.

Me and My Money

What’s the hardest part of organizing your personal finances—it’s getting started! Let us show you how to overcome the fear of getting started.

Dining Skills made Easy

With the ever-changing definition of “excellence,” we must enhance our knowledge of social skills and dining decorum. Properly used social graces will prepare you for your place in the “world puzzle.” Contact us to learn how.

Biblical Principles for Everyday Living

Does it seem impossible for you to apply the instructions you hear from your favorite Bible teaches to the rest of your week? The struggle is over for all who are willing to read, see, and hear with an open heart, what is being taught. Let 68 Inspirational Promises of God for This Generation by H.R. Rogers help you get started.




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