Why Etiquette is Important

How would you feel if using the wrong dining utensil or making what may seem like a minor social blunder kept you from getting that coveted job or contract?


Visualize a college student on the Dean’s List energetically sharing their academic achievements, failing to remove the napkin, attacking the meat, and placing the dessert order before finishing the main course. How long would you predict that interview lasted?

Imagine a banking professional asked to travel to India on behalf of his organization. Does this non-native know that shaking hands with a female is optional? How knowledgeable are you of other countries cultures?


These are just two basic anecdotes to consider. It really gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

  • How should you prepare for a networking luncheon?
  • What’s the top interviewing question?
  • How knowledgeable are you of other countries cultural?

Let Seasons Of Life simplify the confusion and equip you the individual or your organization with techniques to get ahead seamlessly, professionally and socially.




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